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Draper 105007 Access MultiView Series V Motorized, 126 in.x100 in. 16:10 Format Matt White XT1000V Surface
Draper 105007 Access MultiView Series V Motorized, 126 in.x100 in. 16:10 Format Matt White XT1000V Surface
Manufacturer Part#: 105007
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Screen Controls
Draper Tensioned

Electric, tab-tensioned front projection screen with independently motorized masking system installed in the same case for dual format projection.  
Ceiling-recessed: hidden when not in use.
Flat black mask on second motor-in-roller converts the projection screen to a 4:3 NTSC format by masking the right and left sides of the viewing surface.
Height of viewing surface remains constant.
Both projection screen and masking system are independently controlled, each using any standard or optional control. Two SS-1Rs are standard. Or, select AMV-C, a low voltage control that allows both motors to be controlled by independent 3-button switches in a single box.
Depending on surface, available in sizes through 133" diagonal HDTV format or 136" diagonal WideScreen format.
U. S. Patents 6,137,629; 6,421,175; 6,532,109; 6,816,308 and other patents pending.
Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
Custom sizes available.



100% Vinyl Screen Materials
These screen surfaces are tensioned vinyl with no backing. Draper offers these surfaces on motorized, crank-operated and permanently tensioned screens with built-in tensioning systems. The surface is stretched perfectly flat, resulting in better picture quality. Flatness is always desirable, particularly for video or data-graphics projection.

A relative measure of a screen's reflectivity.
The ability to accurately reproduce and differentiate light and dark characters and backgrounds, or light and dark areas of an image
Ambient Light
Rejection Properites
The ability to perform well under normal to adverse lighting conditions in the audience area.
The clarity of the projected image.
The screen's performance when viewed from various points off the projection axis (both horizontally and vertically), and when the brightness of the center of the image is compared to the corners.
The height and width of the projected image determines the screen's size and shape (AV, NTSC, HDTV, WideScreen, CinemaScope, overhead, slide or motion pictures).

Screen Surfaces

HiDef Grey
A grey front projection surface that provides excellent contrast and black reproduction, with a low gain to handle today's super-bright projectors. The grey color enhances color contrast, black levels and allows for more ambient light in the audience area. Available in sizes through 9' x 9', or 9' high in greater widths.

Gain: .8

Viewing Cone: 120 Degree Cone


The perfect matt white diffusing surface. Extremely broad light dispersion and spectral uniformity. Panoramic viewing angle and true color rendition. Recommended for use with any type of projector in rooms where the light level can be reasonably controlled. Washable.

Gain: 1.0

Viewing Cone: 180 Degree Cone


A high-contrast front viewing surface, with excellent resolution and high gain. For data-graphics projectors producing through 1000 ANSI lumens. M2500 tolerates a higher ambient light level than most other front projection screen surfaces.

Gain: 2.5

Viewing Cone: 120 Degree Cone


Cineflex (rear projection)
A neutral grey vinyl for rear projection. Cineflex has high resolution and excellent contrast, even in lighted rooms. For use with any type of projection equipment.

Gain: 2.3

Viewing Cone: 120 Degree Cone

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